1984/PR Journal: A Petit Déjeuner Rendez-Vous

Our dreams are always of travel, of escape from the everyday — of far-flung places and exotic locales, stolen weekends and fresh new experiences. Capturing that spirit of adventure and the longing for then is a way to resonate with the zeitgeist for a brand that is built on a sensibility of new cultures, flavours, traditions, landscapes and different languages.

For one of its clients, Bazar Deluxe and the launch of their SS22 collection,1984/PR organized a ‘Petit Déjeuner’. An event that gathered together content creators inviting them to an intimate and informal yet perfectly Instagramable breakfast at Fioraio Bianchi Caffè.

The space was bedecked with the Deluxe Bazar SS20 Collection replete with richly patterned and gorgeous inspiration apparel that the talents could touch, feel and get to know in person.

Talents were welcomed in a world infused with excellent craftsmanship and an exotic allure and by sharing their experience they invited the public to dream the same dream. There was a perfect harmony between Deluxe Bazar, the personalities and their followers, that captured the essence of the collection.


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