1984/PR Journal: A Sensorial Symphony for a Digital Native Audience

For one of the most prestigious and established names in the world of Champagne, it is necessary to create a new dynamic of taste and experience to connect with a new digital native audience.

The team at 1984/PR was delighted to support Maison Krug, in the promotion of their Krug Grand Cuvée 170ème edition in creating the Krug Studio project. The project saw the creation of a music studio within the confines of the splendid courtyard of the Four Season in Milan.

Here, N.6 talents were invited to enjoy the bubbles, and partake in a multi-sensory audio and video experience, created in collaboration with technical partner Devialet. Taking the Krug experience beyond the gustatory and stimulating visual and auditory senses, invited the talents into a world of innovation and excellence, values synonymous with Maison Krug.

The talents, including Derek Castiglioni, Sara Battagli and Fabio Attanasio among others, were fed sensory information which they could then translate into high-quality content across their digital platforms to reach their followers.

The event was followed by a placé lunch on the hotel’s picturesque terrace, curated by Krug’s Chef de Cave Julie Caville.


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