1984/PR Journal: A Siren Call Signals the Start of Summer

Summer is when feminine shapes and colours come into season, so it is the perfect time to celebrate the brand value of Amotea with a project put together by 1984/PR.

An invitation, issued directly by founder and creative director of Amotea, Diletta Amodei, announced the opening of the summer season, a celebration of the season and all the good things it brings — signalled by bold, floral prints and subtle pastels colours. The Amotea Summer Collection was a siren call to the freedom of summer at a lunch placée, with food and wine that celebrated the Mediterranean flavours and way of life.

The event was an inauguration of summer at Ristorante Al Cortile in Via Giovenale 7, Milan, with exquisite photography by Linda Provini to be shared on digital platforms.


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