1984/PR Journal: Inside Wallpaper Narratives

You might not put wallpaper and literature in the same stable, but both have much in common. Both share a common medium, conveying emotion and depiction of creative ideas on paper. While the book affects the interior personal space through the narrative interaction of page-turning, wallpaper affects the interior space of the environment as an ‘open book’ spread across the walls.

For one of its clients, Jannelli&Volpi, the renown leader in wallcoverings, 1984/PR agency organized a special bookclub that examined the intertwined characteristics of the brand and some chosen talents. The activity consisted in the selection of 10 books which were paired with the identities of talents involved, like ‘La simmetria dei desideri’ by Eshkol Nevo for Giuliana Matarrese. Each pairing was given a description, aligning the literary act with the brand through the talent. Each influencer talent shared a literary work that show something of their inner world, a glimpse of their interior narrative in a campaign that elevated the brand’s product from functional interior element to powerful creative signifier. Jannelli&Volpi wallpapers were used as packaging and bookmarks for the activity. An unusual approach by the agency — a form of seeding aimed to tell the story of J&V culture and the value of sharing the beauty that characterizes the brand.




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The one stop shop for consulting and outsourcing services for the Fashion and Luxury industry.

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