1984/PR Journal: Where High-End Wallpapers Happen

In order to open up the world of high-end wallpaper and the artisan production of them, six talents were invited to the Jannelli&Volpi creative studio and wallpaper production plants.

1984/PR agency organised a talent tour at Jannelli&Volpi: Alessandra Airò, Clara Nanut, Maria Vicini, Gresy Daniilidis, Marta Donadi and Nicolò Milella, were invited to explore the tangible aspects of artistic wallpaper production. The six talents got acquainted with three key areas, the archive, the serigraphy and the factory. Here, they were able to experience the past, present and future of a brand that has established itself as a world leader in high-spec wallpaper. They participated in a hands-on workshop, working closely with Jannelli&Volpi artisans, to create their own posters to take home and hang with pride on their own living spaces walls. Linda Provini captured the fun through her photos.


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