Introducing the People Behind Wemanage Group: Anna Petrò, K-448's Producer

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Introducing Meet The Team: Wemanage Group’s deep dive into the professional backgrounds of our mighty team members.

The fifth of our many mighty team members telling us a bit of her professional experience is Anna Petrò, K-448’s Producer.

Introduce yourself!

My name is Anna Petrò, and I define myself as polyhedric. I’m passionate about the world of art in all its aspects, but I also have a strong propensity towards organisation. This propensity was the reason for my approach to production, which eventually led me to join K-448. I had held this role shortly before in another company that was related to the world of photography.

Tell me about your role in K-448. What does a typical day look like for you? How would you explain the role of the producer?

At K-448, I work with many clients who require coverage for annual and constant schedules. I have the pleasure of planning strategies with K-448’s creative and communication team and the brand’s very own strategists. The great thing about working in parallel with the client is this daily contact with the team at K-448, in particular developing concepts for communicating imagery that conveys the right brand message. In my day to day, I usually work on multiple productions in order to find the right people that can replicate the client’s vision. These people usually are the photographer, the video maker, the stylist, and my role is to coordinate them on set and ensure the whole process is carried out as consistently as possible for the client. So… I’m on the phone a lot! :-) It’s a job of dialogue and contact, which helps you meet many people and talk to many artists. You deal with budget issues, but you also have the opportunity to find a creative way to satisfy the practical side. And then, you move on to the organisational side, which is needed for everything to go smoothly on the day of the shoot.

How did you end up working as a producer?

Like many other people before me, before entering the world of photography, I wasn’t aware of the role of the producer, also because there are so many roles involved in a shooting! However, after a few years, I started assisting photographers. I discovered everything there is behind photographic production, and I think thanks to my willingness to do things, my desire to throw myself into the more practical side also emerged. So I started to try my hand at production, and then I slowly dealt with the rest. I arrived at K-448 by chance. They were looking for a very specific figure who had technical knowledge, and I came in with a background as an assistant photographer, which I believe is not something that all producers have. I hope it will give my role added value because I know the photographer’s needs, the technical conditions for shooting with prepping and the administrative domain. I think this duality helps because it helps to understand the needs of the creative, and many technical aspects maybe are underestimated. It’s not easy to separate roles sometimes, so sometimes this multitasking aspect is appreciated, and sometimes it’s not; it depends on the client and the team. It adds value because a producer organises everything beforehand and then participates on set, which many appreciate.

Anna Petrò

Favourite things about working as a producer for K-448?

The great thing about K-448 is this powerful multi-person collaboration. There are people with strong personalities who contribute in an essential way to the final proposal for the client. Each person in the team contributes to the final result, so you can feel that the team is reasonably consolidated, a team that cares and works hard to achieve what the client wants. At the same time, often, it can be complicated because so many strong personalities sometimes clash. Still, this approach is usually taken in order to work more efficiently, also because listening to all the members and the ideas that everyone brings to the table is inspiring and helpful in order to evaluate all perspectives.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to be a producer?

Having a lot of patience is vital. Surround yourself with people! It’s imperative to meet people constantly, participate in events where you can meet people who can help you and with whom you can collaborate in the future. I would also say one should keep close people who can advise you. From one person you get to know another, so you must try to create a solid network of contacts. It’s also nice to discover new people, younger figures, and that’s why it’s important not to isolate yourself, but to work with your team, and to believe that if you surround yourself with good people, the work goes a little bit by itself. An experience assisting a photographer can also help to understand the specifics that you have to look at as a producer, in the sense that there are small needs and issues that if you live next to the photographer, you can learn to solve even before they arise.

How do you feel the creative scene has changed post-pandemic?

I have to say that when everything stopped, we got to experience a hiatus that helped us understand that we had gotten to a level that was a bit exaggerated. I think the hiatus has helped because work has picked up again, but in a different and more conscious way. I won’t say it is the same as before, but i have noticed that in this time of hardship, I think there’s more of a desire of kindness and collaboration.There needed to be a disconnect to understand what was going on in order to give other people and things a break. Now I find that people are more willing to help each other.

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