Introducing the People Behind Wemanage Group: Camilla Mambretti, 1984/PR’s Digital PR Specialist

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Introducing Meet The Team: Wemanage Group’s deep dive into the professional backgrounds of our mighty team members.

The first of our many mighty team members who will be telling us all about herself is Camilla Mambretti, 1984/PR’s Digital PR Specialist.

Introduce yourself.

My name is Camilla Mambretti, and I’m a creative specialist with extensive experience in the fashion and luxury field. I define myself as a ‘creative mind’ as my creative side has always been more predominant than my ‘numerical’ side. I’m also passionate about the world of fashion and luxury.

Whats your role at 1984/PR?

At 1984 PR, I occupy the role of Digital PR Specialist. Being the only other member of Alessandra Airò’s team, I work with her on all accounts. A typical day does not exist, and it depends on the clients and the proposals we have. Sometimes we work on proposals for annual strategies or strategies that are specific to the period or product. Then we work on talent scouting and identifying the activity to be carried out. It depends on the project for us to advise on the number and type of content that must be produced to communicate effectively or the product and service. And based on the client, there is an analysis of the client to identify what kind of product, talent, and content are in line with the client’s needs. We work with foreign and Italian talents, ask for quotations, negotiate the right price for us, work on budget adjustments and presentations to clients.

Camilla Mambretti

What is your favourite thing about 1984/PR and Wemanage Group?

I have always worked in the realm of fashion and luxury. However, I love the most about the clients at 1984/PR and Wemanage Group is the diversification of fields, which never makes things dull: I get to work with clients belonging to different luxury sectors such as fashion, beauty, design, and lifestyle. I’ve always liked to find and create a strategy for the client, so avoid the ordinary things and let the strong characteristics of each client emerge. I’ve always had the opportunity to work in companies/agencies with many clients, so I’ve always had the chance to work with different clients from different fields and work on strategies in line with them. Then the fact that you get to work with many clients allows you to share some ideas with others but rework them based on their objectives, characteristics, and all that.

How did you start working in digital PR?

I’ve always been very passionate about fashion. Still, I’ve been lucky because I’ve always managed to find work in this field, apart from the agencies where there are design clients, food and lifestyle clients — for example, here we have a bit of everything. But fashion has always been the fil rouge of my work experience. Wolford was one of my first work experiences in the PR field. From when I started up until now, there has been a significant change in the communications environment from the point of view of digitisation — it was also induced by what was required by the market. For example, when I did my Master’s in Marketing and Communication at Bocconi, at the time, I didn’t approach topics that are considered to be expected because I learnt everything on the job. And at Wolford back in the day, we did the very first Digital PR activities — still unexplored land at the time. And when the digital market boomed, this real change was super fast, and many of us had to adapt our skill set to this new digital approach. Lastly, I believe I could develop a passion for my job as a digital pr because I had the great fortune to meet this person in this agency called ISPIRY, this guy named Alessio Sanzogni who had worked for Chiara Ferragni and then the whole world TheBlondeSalad etc. He was considered the number one expert in the Italian market. Working with him gave me a big boost because I started my digital pr pathway with him, and he made me passionate about this job that I’m carrying on. It was all thanks to him. Unfortunately, this person is no longer with us, he had a bad accident, and it was very traumatic for me, I had to leave the agency. Through Alessio, I also met Alessandra Airò, who was one of our talents. However, after leaving, I then moved to Ready2Fly and then finally, I started working for 1984/PR.

A piece of advice you’d give to someone starting out a career similar to yours?
I know that now there are specific courses, unlike when I was at university, as universities are adapting to the times and offer classes in social media management, marketing and PR. However, I believe PR is very much a job where experience is everything. The more you work, and the more you learn. My advice is to be constantly curious, continuously updated, to inform yourself. To have the desire to experiment in the field because everything I know and have learned I learned by working in the area first-hand. It may be the most obvious thing in the world, but I think that’s how you have to learn. Then, of course you need a predisposition for communication!

Pros and cons of doing digital PR for a brand?

I would say one thing — what is fundamental to me is never separating digital PR activities from e-commerce activities and social media activities because all these parts work in synergy. When we work on a digital PR project, we give the results, and there’s a report for each activity. Still, it’s always appropriate to link it to e-commerce (for example, when talent has a feature of swipe up to e-commerce) — it’s always appropriate to link it to an increase in sales of the product on e-commerce. And very often, these three compartments don’t easily blend and connect synergistically, as it can happen everyone works in parallel instead of collaboratively. It’s all connected in the end. You must look at the bigger picture, observing the world from a larger perspective rather than focusing on your specific field only. In the future, your particular specialisation will always be influenced by outside factors.

How do you see the future of digital PR?
It may be a given, but we saw it during the pandemic — on the digital PR side, there was no decrease in work compared to before. It increased. I believe this was to the fact that many activities that were carried out offline have been transposed online, and it has demonstrated that some of these activities are even more successful online, so this has given digital PR a more significant push. It has been a big change for everyone, and in my opinion, this will continue changing. Thanks to digital activities, you can reach many more people and have the possibility to profile them (especially on social networks), giving you the chance to achieve precisely the target you want to reach.

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