K-448 & 1984/PR Gazette #11: K-448 Patterns

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2 min readJun 15, 2021


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What makes creatives tick? What objects, actions, places define our creative life? These are a few of the questions the team at K-448 asked creatives from all around the world before launching K-448 Patterns, a visual wunderkammer of contents saved by various creatives, showcased on our Instagram account. Reaching out to a compendium of personalities and realities from the world of fashion, art, design, books and music, the project creates various constellations of points which, if combined together in the right way, can build knowledge and paint a unique picture.⁣ From knitwear to art, from books to unusual points of view, Patterns takes us on a journey inside the minds and hearts of our creative community.

Image courtesy of Rold Skov

Bi-weekly news briefing:

1. Poparazzi, BeReal: Social media’s new generation


2. Instagram Chief explains how the service decides what you see


3. Is zero waste just a new marketing move or a properly transparent practice?


4. How Wild Will Summer Be? This Gum Commercial Gets Creative


5. Is Technical Knitting the Future of Upholstery?


6. Here’s a Much-Needed Reminder to Keep Pushing for Systemic Change


Discover K-448 Patterns: instagram.com/k448_studio

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