K-448 & 1984/PR Gazette #3: DIY, or how to experience Design

A project by Wemanage Group

Hassenzahl claimed that design is no longer about products, it is about delivering experiences. Designers are now creating opportunities to connect, imagine and delight, focusing on the mediation of products and the way they shape our experiences.

Starting from these concepts and reflecting on the role of design today, 1984/PR worked with Jannelli&Volpi on a special project aimed at narrating the world of wallpapers online, through languages and tools that communicate a kind of lifestyle that has been brought back in vogue in recent years.

The result was a watercolour workshop guided by designer Gala Rotelli, inviting bloggers and social media personalities to recreate one of the brand’s wallpapers while exploring the company’s rich history and savoir faire. Fuelled by numerous questions, the brand’s marketing director enlightened our guests on the inspirations and anecdotes that are shaping modern day décor, while the Zoom call gradually became an art gallery of reinterpretations: from 4-year-old abstraction to real artworks, our Wednesday evening took a different turn.

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