K-448 & 1984/PR Gazette #5: Spotti.com, a new virtual space

A project by Wemanage Group

The team at K-448 has been curating Spotti’s social media presence for years, arranging different outputs for what has become the Milanese symbol of a highly curated, design-focused lifestyle.

Image courtesy of Spotti

With five windows offering a complete range of solutions for any home, office and contract market, Spotti’s next step was creating its first, fast, interactive e-commerce. The design sector is undergoing an unprecedented revolution: unique, selected furniture has to be available in fewer clicks, making digital channels the key element in an omni-channel perspective.

The team at Wemanage has re-launched their website, developing strategies to broaden the store’s international audience. Now, we’re ready to apply our digital know-how to this exciting new adventure.

Bi-weekly news briefing

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4. “Designers are not neutral agents” by Paola Antonelli


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