K-448 & 1984/PR Gazette #7: What is Cultural Sustainability?

A project by Wemanage Group

Cultural sustainability has become a growing priority within sustainable development agendas and is now often depicted as a fourth pillar, equal to social, economic, and environmental concerns. This is why K-448 and 1984/PR, as part of Wemanage Group decided to explore the future of this topic in collaboration with Milan’s Politecnico Fashion In Process hub.

Shruti Venkatesh and Haima Simoes on the cover of Vogue India, wearing Gucci. Image courtesy of Gucci Equilibrium.

From cultural heritage to creative industries, culture is both an enabler and a driver of the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development. The preservation of our cultural heritage and promotion of cultural diversity are key issues at stake and should be explored, equipping societies with quality education, contributing to the creation of sustainable cities and a healthier environment.

Culture is driving economic growth and sustainable consumption, influencing production patterns and creating peaceful and inclusive societies where issues as gender equality and food security are given the right importance.

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