K-448 & 1984/PR Gazette #9: Amotea SS21 — Uniting a crew of It-Girls

A project by Wemanage Group

As the digital realm maintains its status as one of the easiest ways of interacting with a larger audience and driving e-commerce sales, our digital pr agency 1984/PR keeps the bar high with new strategies and activities for one of the agency’s clients, Amotea.

Viky Rader in Amotea — Image courtesy of Amotea

Selecting a series of international influencers, namely Viky Rader, Erika Boldrin, Vittoria De Carlo and Giulia Loreti De Paolis, the team inspired a series of innovative and spontaneous images for Amotea’s social media channels, the best way to present the brand’s garments through a new point of view, emotional and engaging. Working with this loyal crew of It-Girls, the launch of the Spring Summer 21 collection happened in an amplified and widespread way, interpreting the values and aesthetics of Diletta Amodei’s designs, reinventing the canons of femininity through personal style and fashion.

Bi-weekly news briefing:

1. Facing fashion’s overproduction issue: Solutions, new models and alternatives


2. The Untold story of the NFT Boom


3. Sofia Coppola’s new short film celebrates the reopening of theatres


4. This is what billboards will look like in the future


5. Never mind clothes: watercoolers are the new centrepieces of Balenciaga windows


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