K-448 Journal: Cultural Engagement for New Generations

How to connect a brand with a new generation? One that moves with purpose, one that identifies with the action to face the challenges of the present of the future? One that feels empowered by the urgency that underpins their existence? By speaking their language and by connecting through personalities and faces that they recognize as their own, activating and engaging them.

K-448 activated a campaign for Aspesi, curated by The Skirt Chronicles, to give continuity to the narration about the brand’s expansion of its identity worldwide.

“Aspesi Parigi” is a trilogy of portraits which represents the sensibility of a generation taking control of the cultural direction of their society, of a generation enacting a cultural renaissance to define its own purpose and identity. Clothes are elevated at the medium of the message, they are objects that through their style, design and manufacture are a critical stance on modern commerce.

Aspesi Parigi featured portraits of Dan Thawley, Francesca Sabatini and Sarah de Mavaleix, Sofia Nebiolo and Haydée Touitou, the editorial trio who founded the magazine The Skirt Chronicles.These portrait represent the values of this generation, placing the brand as aligned with them and supporting their cause.




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Wemanage Group

The one stop shop for consulting and outsourcing services for the Fashion and Luxury industry.

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