K-448 Journal: Redesigning an Icon — A Conversation Between Isy and Isy22

To celebrate an iconic design product, Isy, an innovative faucet system by Zucchetti Kos and its contemporary interpretation Isy22, K-448 supported and produced a video narrated by Nicola Pietromarchi, which describes the process of the re-edition.

The video enhances Zucchetti Kos’s commitment to the design values of exalted beauty with refined functionality in a faucet design that uses less water and less metal; values that are even more important and desired today than ever.

The film captures a conversation with product designer Antonio Rodriguez, who collaborated with Zucchetti Kos on the redesign of Isy22 and is a fresh and easy look at the world of Zucchetti Kos. Rodriguez explains his relationship with Zucchetti, which goes back 22 years, and describes the challenges of redesigning a classic product to make it more contemporary.


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