Viscose Journal x NABA: On Style and Criticism

A project by Wemanage Group

In a seminar organized by Alessandro Manzi, himself and Elisa Carassai of Sali & Tabacchi Journal will discuss with the founder Jeppe Ugelvig and the artist and contributor Davide Stucchi all about Viscose Journal, style and criticism.

Is media dying? Some say it is, some, instead, like the independent scene made up of journals and independent magazines, have demonstrated that it is experiencing a cultural renaissance, born from the ashes of commercial media.

Viscose Journal — Issue 1 — “Style” (via VooStore)

A new project which has gained some attention lately and which we believe observes the world of fashion through a new critical perspective is Viscose Journal. Viscose Journal is a new journal for fashion criticism, launched between Copenhagen and New York in 2021, in the format of an irregular periodical publishing critical writing and projects by a wide range of authors from the worlds of art, fashion, literature and academia. Through specially edited thematic issues, Viscose gives space to projects that challenge and expand the possibilities of research, practice, and critique of fashion.

Viscose is 100% ad-free, and its inaugural issue is supported by the Nordic Culture Fund as well as the Danish Arts Foundation. It is proudly co-published by the International Library for Fashion Research in Oslo, Norway.

Viscose Journal — Issue 1 — “Style” (via VooStore)

On Thursday, May 20th, in a seminar organized for the students of NABA (one of Milan’s creative universities), Creative Director Alessandro Manzi and our copywriter, Elisa Carassai (who also happens to be the editor in chief and co-founder of her very own independent publication, Sali e Tabacchi Journal) will be in conversation with Davide Stucchi, an artist and one of the contributors of the first issue of Viscose Journal, and with Jeppe Ugelvig, the founding editor in chief of the magazine.

Discussing the theoretical side of fashion, rather than the commercial, the seminar will focus on the first issue of the journal, dedicated to the theme of ‘Style’, which very fittingly sees the format mimicking the design of a brown leather clutch bag.

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