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How is the role of management evolving in companies in the fashion and luxury sector? The world of fashion itself is in continuous evolution and few companies at the moment are able to offer a full-rounded display of services, managing to employ digital as a means of communication at 360 degrees.

Wemanage Group’s Partners

In a conversation with renowned business publication Forbes, our founders, Leonardo Arienti, Matteo Patalano, and Paolo Ruggiero talked about the founding of marketing agency Wemanage together with manager Marina Piano, and the subsequent development of communication agency K-448 and fashion design and product development agency Arebour, with the creative direction of Alessandro Manzi and the digital expertise of Francio Ferrari, up until the creation of the digital PR agency 1984/PR, with co-founder and creative director Alessandra Airò.

Read all about how our network of companies came about at the link below: http://bit.ly/WemanageGroup_ForbesItalia

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