Wemanage Journal: Chateau Orlando - The New Visionary World of Luke Edward Hall

The understanding between Wemanage and Luke Edward Hall was immediate: from the first meeting it was clear that the collaboration and synergy were totally spontaneous. Hall’s creativity, skill in communicating on social media, and commercial intuition are perfectly combined with Wemanage’s operational and strategic philosophy. A mutual exchange that enhances the qualities of both.

So it was natural to join forces and create Chateau Orlando together: a lifestyle brand we are proud of, which combines the path of a talent like Hall and the strategic expertise that Wemanage has gained in these 10 years of work in the sector. Taking part directly in the launch of the brand, as an investing partner, then allowed Wemanage for the first time to design and operate the organizational, commercial and communication strategy in total freedom, applying its philosophy 100% in every step of the launch process.

The concept behind the commercial project was to adopt a 100% direct consumer approach, focusing energy on its e-commerce and at the same time activating a few and targeted partnership projects with wholesaler realities (pop-up stores, temporary corners, etc. etc). On February 12th, therefore, both the Chateau Orlando e-shop and a pop-up store at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, one of the most important luxury department stores, were launched at the same time. Actually, It was not a simple pop-up store: the project also included a collaboration with an important brand such as L / Uniform. In one fell swoop, therefore, the launch of the first season combined a strategy focused on direct consumer, partnership with a multi-brand and collaboration with an established brand.

The communication plan was instead designed mainly to be concentrated on digital channels, with a content production plan designed together with Hall; and the activation of a press office in London, DH-PR, that would deal entirely with press coverage.

The coordinated omni-channel approach, with intervention focuses studied and designed in recent months, has allowed a launch with excellent results for Chateau Orlando. February was therefore the month in which the fruits of the programming were reaped: an excellent reception in the press (with, for example, important insights published on Vogue UK, Esquire UK, AD Magazine, GQ , Harper’s Bazaar, Financial Times, Country and Town House UK) and very encouraging results in commercial terms.

What makes Wemanage proud, however, are not only the results of the work carried out for the launch of a project of which it has been an integral part since its inception, but also having been able to appreciate the effectiveness of a strategic plan which could fully apply for the first time. An excellent case study, to be submitted to all customers of the future.




The one stop shop for consulting and outsourcing services for the Fashion and Luxury industry.

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Wemanage Group

The one stop shop for consulting and outsourcing services for the Fashion and Luxury industry.

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