Wemanage Journal: We tell you about the first party of Chateau Orlando — A night at Brunswick House

On Tuesday 8th November, we hosted the very first Chateau Orlando event since its launch in February 2022, alongside co-founder and creative director Luke Edward Hall.

The party took place in the heart of London, at Brunswick House, with an intimate soirée. This was the opportunity to allow the digital brand to grow into something physical, connecting the community of key brand supporters, fashion media, creative partners and tastemakers, together with a mix of close friends and collaborators.

Wemanage worked closely with the London-based agency DH PR to build a guest list championing key supporter alongside new profiles to expand the brand’s target.

One of the brand’s aim is to create a conversation inside its community, starting digitally with the Chit-Chat-Eau blog where Luke interviews guests who admires for their creative work. For our event, this idea of conversation has been translated into a curated selection of people who can deeply understand and play with brand’s imaginary.

Renowed London chef Brandon Boxer offered his selection of canapés accompanied with sparkling wine, followed by margaritas, as well as a non-alcoholic elderflower fizz.

Studio Rollo by Rollo Skinner curated the venue set up mainly using flowers, inspired by English theatre designer Oliver Messel’s creations. Flowers, alongside banks of 1980s Sony monitors playing Chateau Orlando campaign films while a soundtrack of disco and synth-pop played all around.

Since the inception of Chateau Orlando as a lifestyle brand, everything aspect celebrates values and aesthetics. The brand’s products were skillfully integrated with the surroundings, with the aim of inviting guests to explore them without feeling at a commercial presentation. Our SS22 and FW22 collections of knitwear garments were placed all around at the venue, prompting people to touch and experience our high-quality products. A selection of guests was wearing jumpers, styling the products in their own personal way. Draped and entwined with Rollo’s garlands, the pieces effortlessly doubled as decorations. Furthermore, jumpers, cardigans and scarves were used as the main feature of a special “family photoset” curated by photographer Sirui Ma: guests were invited to wear our products and get photographed as an antique portrait painting with a touch of fun, Wes Anderson-y aesthetic.

Chateau Orlando’s first party was a celebration of the joy of living life, with the goal of empowering the brand values, increasing brand awareness and creating word-of-mouth.

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The one stop shop for consulting and outsourcing services for the Fashion and Luxury industry.