Wemanage Observatory Interview #8: A talk with Gianluca Cantaro about the future of media and its relationship with the luxury market.

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In the eighth of a series of interviews with inspiring creatives of our times, we talked to Gianluca Cantaro @cantaro_san , the renowned editor, journalist and fashion consultant with experiences at L’Uomo Vogue, Tank, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Sette de Il Corriere Della Sera and stints as Editor in Chief of L’Officiel Italia, L’Officiel Hommes Italia and NowFashion, about the future of media and its relationship with the luxury market.

How has the role of the journalist changed from simple reporter to all around multimedia expert?

Actually i think that the approach itself should not change. What is important to evolve is the way and the tools to express the concepts.

How has your experience as a journalist and editor for various publications helped you assist numerous brands on their content and strategic development?

This is the new way to be a publisher, a tight collaboration with brands and media help both to grow in terms of creativity.

How do you think the luxury market will be changing over the next few years?

The consumers are changing and so the luxury market also must change accordingly. But brands should avoid to blindly follow the changeable desires of customers.

Media brands are adding a whole roster of experiences, events and more to their offering nowadays — it seems magazines don’t do it anymore by themselves. What kind of “experience” related to media do you think makes a media brand successful? And why do media agencies now need all of this extra noise?

Magazines need to evolve following the society. Today everything is community based as it has a voice through all the digital plaforms, unlike it was in the past where media were the only and one directioned source of informations. In the same way, media agencies must change their way to work switching the service mindset to a more editorial approach.

You are a fond lover of TikTok and have written extensively on the topic, do you think this app will play a big role in how the market and fashion are/will be changing or is this trend already over?

It is already playing a big role, but people still struggle to get it/understand it.

As a media specialist, how do you think the world of luxury/fashion media will be impacted by the post-covid blow?

2020 on pause year apart, i think that everything will be back to how things were in 2019. This is a missed chance to evolve the fashion system. Only very few upgraded their vision and these few will take advantage of this privileged position.

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