WG happenings: Wemanage Group and 1Caffè Onlus Partner for Holiday Initiative

A project by Wemanage Group

Wemanage Group is happy to support 1Caffe, the non-profit organization that helps small Italian non-profit associations, through the distribution of 150 Christmas packages to the homeless of Milan who live in the following areas: San Babila, Missori, Corso Matteotti, San Carlo, Vittorio Emanuele, which will be distributed on December 22, 2020.

1 Caffè is the non-profit organization founded and led by Beniamino Savio, Luca Argentero, Francesca Argentero, Silvia Bellesso and Federica Fini. Born six years ago, it is the first digital onlus born to support small Italian non-profit associations, through a simple and daily gesture.

The non-profit organization to which the support will be directed this year is InVetta!

InVetta! is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 by a group of friends of the Parish of San Simpliciano, in Milan. The Onlus is a container of free charitable and educational initiatives, in favor of people living in situations of particular difficulty. Some of the initiatives have included summer camps for young people, humanitarian convoys in complicated territories, and initiatives for the homeless. Since 2015, the association has kicked off initiatives specifically oriented towards helping homeless people, with an innovative and effective approach.

The Christmas package in collaboration with 1Caffè will contain goods needed in this historical period, in addition to a small Christmas gift, ranging from food, hygiene/health equipment (masks, disinfectant gels, shampoo and shower foam for example) as well as underwear and socks and finally, thermal equipment for the cold, so as to give something useful in view of the winter season. The gift pack will also be distributed in cloth bags that can also be reused, hoping that this collaboration can be useful and can give some happiness to the homeless.

This project in support of InVetta! will support the objective of the non-profit organization to give a sign of proximity and closeness to people living on the street. The ultimate purpose is that of becoming trustworthy supporters, able to respond with support to the different needs of our beneficiaries, with the ultimate intent to redirect the homeless towards paths of social reintegration and employment.

This donation is the first in a series of initiatives that Wemanage Group hopes to commit to in the future.



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