WG happenings: “Wemanage Observatory” new project coming soon

A project by Wemanage Group

Wemanage introduces ‘Wemanage Observatory’: our latest editorial project which is planned to go live in the coming months on our Instagram account. The project will include a series of interviews and shout-outs to interesting Instagram profiles related to different topics, collateral to our industry and business.

From academics to shop owners; to designers and cultural commentators, we will be sharing their insights via video interviews or textual Q&As, prompting open-ended discussions about turgent and compelling topics, people and places.

Our editorial approach aims at expanding the topics we treat to related fields. We don’t want to talk only about the world of fashion and business, but our aim is to open the conversation with an inquisitive approach. We want to share insights and discoveries in key areas of contemporary discourse, such as sustainability and digitalisation. The goal of this project is to activate an experimental approach, by creating new connections through interviews with experts in the field.

More to come soon.