Meet Wemanage Group Partners: Alessandra Airò, Partner & Creative Director at 1984/PR

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We talked to Alessandra Airò, the founder of our agency, 1984 PR, about the evolution of her career in fashion and asked her advice on how to get started in Digital PR.

Tell us more about how you started Little Snob Thing.

Completely unaware, and perhaps unconsciously, I started working on digital ten years ago when times — and expectations — were very different from now. Just think that Instagram didn’t exist yet and the world of fashion and luxury had not yet made its mark on social networks. Although the potential of the tool was understood, there was no benchmark to refer to. So I’d say I was driven by the always forward-looking curiosity of young people, which I invite everyone to indulge, a pinch of charm and that little bit of luck that is always needed.

What role does fashion have in your personal life? How do those two worlds mix up together, and how did this evolve through time?

Fashion is one of the means through which I express who I am, which is why it has always mixed with my life and my daily evolution in a very natural way. Without any kind of effort or tension. And after all these years I still like to interpret it this way, as an extension of my person, one of the most extraordinary tools at our disposal to tell what we are. Or what we would like to be some days.

How did you get into digital pr? Why digital pr? Why open an agency today?

Also in this case the process was very natural; working as an influencer and talent, clients approached me asking for an evolution of the profession that would include not only the aspect of personal visibility but a consulting approach to their profiles and projects. From here, and with mutual trust, the first projects under the wing of Digital PR were developed five years ago, which then gave rise to the birth of the agency a year ago: the desire for a further challenge to demonstrate that Digital is first of all evolution, awareness and creativity.

What would you say is your strongest suit? And what are your weaknesses?

I’m a Gemini with Leo rising and although I’ve never been a fan of horoscopes, I believe that the astral combination of these two signs totally represents me. The lighter and creative side and the intellectual dynamism characterized, however, by a low propensity to focus on one thing meet the organizational skills — as well as impulsivity of the fire sign — creating a pretty explosive mix. Its very Interesting, but can also be occasionally very tiring for me too.

Advice for someone getting started in digital pr?

It may seem paradoxical but relationships — PR or Digital PR — to be really effective must be authentic in real life. The advice is therefore to invest in people, in elective affinities, in empathy, which is a gift but at the same time a quality that can and should be exercised through listening and understanding, giving free space to the sensitivity that is in each of us.

2020 marked a strong shift in so many aspects, how do you see the fashion industry evolving from now on?

This is an incredible challenge, for the speed with which it has accelerated the times making transformations and processes imminent. Fashion has to demonstrate its creative strength in order to keep up with the new needs by reworking tools and means: like all challenges, this is something very ambitious that can frighten a system that for some profiles is faithful to its dynamics and roles, but I believe that with the support of Digital as well as of the creative culture, it can be accepted and won.

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